Innovation and Creativity of the Future Workforce: NISA #5

In its response, IRU outlines the challenges for universities to respond to predicted and unpredicted changes in the future workforce.  Universities need more flexibility to be able to develop new and adaptable qualification options. IRU universities are collectively and individually taking the lead in revamping their program structures to ensure relevance to future requirements.

Read below the IRU submission to The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment inquiry on the importance of innovation and creativity to the future workforce.

Research and Development Tax Incentive Review: #NISA 2

IRU will contribute to the development of the Strategy, looking to ensure that programs will encourage investor action without stifling opportunities through overly strict rules or exclusion of potential future activities.

Submission key points:

• Strengthening the incentive for Research and Development carried out through research bodies.

• Include research in social sciences, arts and humanities, where it meets standard tests of being a core Research and Development activity directly relevant to the business’s future development.

Read full submission below. (3 pages)