Innovative Research Universities (IRU) is a network of 7 comprehensive universities committed to inclusive excellence in teaching and research in Australia.

Our membership is Charles Darwin University, James Cook University, Griffith University, La Trobe University, Flinders University, Murdoch University and Western Sydney University.

Inclusive excellence is the IRU commitment to reach and serve local and global communities through an effective response for all who seek our services at the highest standards in teaching, learning and research.

Working collectively, the IRU will be at the constructive centre of Australian university policy making, influencing political developments beyond individual university capacities to do so. We advocate policy that supports excellence in teaching, learning and research that has local relevance and global applicability.

The IRU member universities focus on student success for students from all backgrounds, responding to local populations and fixing State and national gaps in access. Students enrolled at our universities study in a welcoming, supportive and quality teaching environment, one which offers many academic opportunities and globally respected qualifications.

The IRU members’ research is focussed at the translation of research on issues of critical importance to the communities in which they are based which address problems of national and global scale. Over time our members have developed their own particular research strengths, with multiple areas of research ‘at’ and ‘well above’ world standard.

The IRU members strive to be universities of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff, promoting understanding of Indigenous knowledges in education, research and policy.

As an outward-looking network the IRU seeks to strengthen Australia’s integration with the countries of Asia.

Download the full IRU Statement of Strategic Intent.