IRU National Innovation Case Study Collection

The Collection showcases #InnovationCases of best practice supporting student and graduate success

Student Success and the IRU VCs’ Fellowship

The Vice-Chancellors of IRU member universities have initiated a fellowship to work on student success programs across the IRU network. 

By collaborating on key initiatives and showcasing best practice across the IRU, the fellowship provides an opportunity to impact student and graduate success from the transition to university through to graduation and beyond. 

IRU Vice Chancellors’ Fellow

Associate Professor Amani Bell

Amani is committed to co-creating new possibilities in higher education with students, staff, alumni and industry, with the aim of supporting student and graduate success.

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Contact Amani

phone+61 (0) 423 154 382


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Current project

Reimagining Work integrated learning

Work integrated learning (WIL) is a practice that has high impact on students’ learning and employability. This project will explore innovative ways of providing WIL at scale, and investigate models for WIL that are responsive to the changing nature of work.

Work integrated learning webinar series

The IRU hosts a quarterly webinar series discussing how to maximise the benefits of WIL in Australian universities. You can view the webinar recordings here (use the broken square icon in the bottom right of the video to play in full-screen mode).


Innovative Practice in Action


Employability - Flinders Horizon Award

A Professional Development Award empowering students to access a range of experiences, participate fully in the University community and understand and experience the value of enhancing their employability.

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Learning analytics - Griffith Subject Level analytics

Customised Blackboard Analytics developed to suit specific institutional context and purpose that utilised a systematic process of incorporating cognitive science and user evaluation and feedback, in the design and development process.

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Student Support - Murdoch K-Track

An Indigenous enabling program, for students seeking entry into university that draws upon the principles of transformative education, to embed emotional intelligence, mindfulness and general well-being.

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Data Driven Success

Learning Analytics affords the opportunity to encourage student metacognition and reflection, however for this to occur, learners must have access to information about their learning and be equipped with the skills to understand its meaning and the supports required to seek assistance. Our work will build upon the strong analytic foundations in existence across the IRU, and offer opportunities to collaboratively develop and scale tools that support students and produce quality educational experiences.


Student-Facing Dashboards

By partnering with students we aim to develop student-facing analytics that are relevant for student needs and displayed in a manner that ensures they are easily understood and empowers students to utilise the information to refine their learning.

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Supporting graduate employability goes far beyond preparation for a single graduate job, to encompass the skills and capabilities required for success in the changing industrial landscape. Our work is to develop authentic, employability curricula and opportunities that encourage students to broaden their skills and reflect on their capabilities across the student lifecycle. By creatively, aligning our efforts we will ensure the work readiness of our graduates, whilst maximising opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing across the IRU.


Employability Achievement Records

Encouraging active participation in employability experiences across the student lifecycle that assist students to develop relevant transferable skills, collate evidence of achievement and reflect upon their career development.

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University-Wide Experience Subjects

Credit-bearing opportunities for all students to engage in diverse experiences to support their employability including: exchange and international tours, volunteer activities, social entrepreneurship and cross-disciplinary industry challenges/internships.

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Empowering Employability Pedagogy

Program of activities supporting staff to work in partnership with Career Services and industry to design and deliver high-quality, evidenced based, employability curricula across the student lifecycle.

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IRU Employability Assessment Toolkit

The IRU has worked collaboratively across its seven universities to produce an employability assessment toolkit.

The toolkit will be useful for educators involved in designing assessments that develop students’ employability skills, whether in a stand-alone employability subject or as part of a discipline-based subject.