IRU logos

If you need to use the IRU logo for partnership events and publications, please download the required image below.

To download a file to your own computer, open the required file and right click to ‘Save image as…’.

Before using the IRU logo, please read the relevant sections of the IRU brand guidelines to ensure it meets IRU placement and use standards.

Logo Description Format
Full colour – stacked JPG, PNG
Full colour – horizontal JPG, PNG
IRU logo on black Full colour – stacked (for dark backgrounds) PNG
Full colour – horizontal (for dark backgrounds) PNG
Monochrome – stacked JPG, PNG
Monochrome – horizontal JPG, PNG
Monochrome – stacked (for dark backgrounds) PNG

If you have any questions about IRU logos and branding or require a logo format not provided here, please contact the IRU’s Marketing and Media Advisor for assistance.