12 Jun 2020 | Research

ABS proposal to redevelop the Business Characteristics Survey – IRU Response

The IRU supports the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) proposal to redevelop the Business Characteristics Survey (BCS). The goals of the proposal and the four drivers for change outlined in the ABS’s proposal are sound. User information requirements are not fully being met International comparability is currently limited There is increasing user demand for more Read more

15 May 2020

Review of Provider Category Standards

The IRU has responded to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment review of Higher Education Provider Category Standards. The review of the Provider Category Standards had two main objectives: to confirm the meaning of University in Australia, with requirements for research, teaching and engagement, that would distinguish Universities from other providers; and determine a Read more

03 Apr 2020

Temporary migration Senate inquiry: IRU response

The IRU has responded to the Senate Inquiry on Temporary Migration. The inquiry targets important issues concerning the employment and lives of the extensive number of people in Australia who are not citizens or permanent residents. However, there are concerns: that those in Australia to work may be doing so at wages below those they Read more

26 Feb 2020 | University Operations

HESA free speech amendments – IRU response

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) has responded to the stakeholder consultation on proposed freedom of speech amendments to the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) and parallel changes to the Higher Education Standards Framework. Our full response is below. 1. Replacing the words ‘free intellectual inquiry in learning, teaching and research’ with ‘freedom of speech Read more

07 Jan 2020 | Students

Review of the Skills and Workforce Development Agreement: IRU response

The IRU has submitted its response to the Productivity Commission review of the National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development, which is primarily about the vocational education and training sector. Using the IRU’s November 2018 discussion paper Towards a Tertiary Future as a reference point, the IRU’s response targets its input at the questions where Read more

09 Dec 2019 | Students

Review of Senior Secondary Pathways: IRU submission

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group has submitted its comments to the Review of Senior Secondary Pathways, led by Professor Peter Shergold AC (who is separately the Chancellor of IRU member Western Sydney University). The review seeks to help young Australians make informed choices about pathways into work, higher education or training. IRU submission to the Review of Senior Secondary Read more

05 Nov 2019 | Research

Modernising the Rural Research and Development Corporation (RDC) system

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture is seeking way to modernise and improve the Research and Development Corporation (RDC) system. This is the IRU’s response. The IRU believes the Rural Research and Development Corporation (RDC) system is an important and effective facilitator of innovation and productivity improvement in regional economies through collective investments in research Read more

24 Oct 2019

Draft Declaration on education goals: IRU comment

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group has submitted its comments to the Draft Declaration on education goals, published by the Education Council, which is set to replace the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. 

03 Oct 2019 | Research

Regional, Rural and Remote Universities: IRU submission to ACOLA review

The IRU has submitted a response to a discussion paper on enhancing research outcomes in Australia’s regional, rural and remote universities. The review is being undertaken by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education. The IRU has put forward 11 recommendations: Research success for universities in Read more

02 Oct 2019 | University Operations

Religious Discrimination Bill: implications for universities

IRU response to draft Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 Innovative Research Universities (IRU) has submitted its response to the Australian Government’s draft Religious Discrimination Bill 2019, which sets out to further protect and better promote freedom of religion. ​ Overview The stated intent of the Religious Discrimination Bill is to “protect against discrimination on the grounds of religious Read more