10 Aug 2017

A Dodgy Chart Does Not a Good Case Make

The Report of the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee into the Government’s higher education package sheds little new light but it does include a notably dodgy chart that undermines, not supports, the Minister’s rhetoric about higher education funding growing faster than Australia’s gross domestic product. Total higher education funding is increasing. If we want Read more

09 Aug 2017

In support of national strategy: IRU response to the University Precincts Issues Paper

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) supports the development of a national universities precincts’ strategy that encourages local level stimulation of existing and new businesses through better industry-research collaboration. The paper sets out the broad concept of a ‘precinct’, rightly keeping this general against the aim of  being a means to bring together the innovative players Read more

03 Aug 2017 | Executive Director Comment, Funding

Universities are not rolling in gold: Average funding per student and other funding facts

The Government case that universities can sustain further reductions in revenue rests on false assertions about the financial robustness of universities and over egged claims about the value of Government funding over the past decade and its additional expenditure over the coming four years. Far from rolling in rivers of gold, IRU Members assess they Read more

07 Jul 2017 | Students

Student Success: a call for authentic measures and support for collaboration.

The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) welcomes the informed perspectives this discussion paper adds to the discussions on student success in higher education and current metrics. IRU members echo statements that the reported “crisis of attrition” is an exaggerated response, yet acknowledge there is more the sector can and should do to support students to complete Read more

23 Jun 2017 | Funding, Students

Possible key elements of the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP): IRU response

The IRU supports the Government’s proposed changes to the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).

08 Jun 2017 | Funding

Students should not pay more for less: The IRU submission on the Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Part One: Overview The IRU opposes the Government’s Higher Education Package whose fundamental outcome would be to lessen universities’ capacities to educate the students they enrol and undertake research. The package will harm education and research outcomes through: an ‘efficiency dividend’ cutting the net income from the Commonwealth Grant Scheme and Student Contributions by 2.8%, Read more

07 Jun 2017

IRU Response: ISA 2030 Strategic Plan – Issues Paper, 2017

The proposed ISA 2030 Strategic Vision is: We want an Australia counted within the top tier of innovation nations, known and respected for its excellence in science, research and commercialization. Innovation, which can underpin a diversity of internationally competitive industries, will enable todays and future generations to have meaningful work, and a great quality of Read more

28 Apr 2017 | Executive Director Comment, Funding

Impact of More Students at University – Part 2

The decision to open university undergraduate education to all interested and capable students is intended to ensure that all Australian have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills in the fields that drive them, as the basis for productive contribution to Australia’s future.  The decision intentionally expanded the number of higher education graduates. It Read more

26 Apr 2017 | Executive Director Comment, Students

Impact of More Students at University – Part 1

As we mark the fifth anniversary of the demand driven system, the data continues to show the positive benefits of a model steered by student agency and university commitment to access. The IRU regularly monitors data on the discipline choice of students.  We now have sufficient figures on course completions to extend the analysis. The Read more

20 Mar 2017

Proposed changes to the publication of TEQSA’s decisions

The IRU supports the proposals for fuller and earlier publication of TEQSA decisions, including rejections. A more open approach to the publication of TEQSA’s decisions, is the most effective way to ensure greater scrutiny of all aspects of the system, including of the regulator itself. The creation of TEQSA was an intentional balance to the Read more

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