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Virtual Patient Simulation

At Western Sydney University, Master of Creative Music Therapy students complete a series of SiMPrac modules during Semester 1. These modules are on vUWS (Blackboard learning management system). They are aimed at preparing the students for their first onsite placement experience. For further information please contact Dr Alison Short (MCMT… Read more

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Starting Somewhere

A podcast from the University of Melbourne, that ‘demystifies the employability landscape, dissects the seemingly scary world of work, and helps you land that important internship. Work has changed. Employers want more than a grade, and candidates are demanding as much from their employer as their employer is from them.… Read more

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How to Make the Most of Work for Students

A sixteen page online booklet produced by Andrew Martin and Helen Hughes for Ako Aotearoa (New Zealand). It covers nine key competencies that students can focus on developing during their WIL experiences: communication skills, self confidence, customer relationship management, enthusiastic participation, industry and business knowledge, self-sufficiency, personal organisation, professional networks… Read more

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Ask your Manager

This is a popular blog by US-based manager Alison Green. She posts daily answers to readers’ employment related questions. It’s a useful and entertaining way to learn about workplace norms. There are posts about internships and new graduates, and although these are specific to the US context, there are still… Read more

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Healthcare Students Interprofessional Learning

An evidence-based, stakeholder informed Interprofessional Learning (IPL) Resource package for students and supervisors on placement. Healthcare students can use this site to complete IPL activities when on placement. The resources on the website were developed to improve the Interprofessional experience for healthcare students on placement and their educators. The project… Read more


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Brite Program

The aim of the BRiTE program is to help pre-service teachers build their awareness of the skills and practices that will help facilitate resilience in their teaching career. The program contains 5 online interactive learning modules focused on Building resilience, Relationships, Wellbeing, Taking initiative and Emotions. Throughout each module participants… Read more

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